Construction Journal

Aug. 22, 2019

Above the tracks Unter den Linden

Rabitzdecke UdL August 2019 © A. Reetz-Graudenz

The underground station Unter den Linden looks almost finished in many places. The passengers of the U6 can see this for themselves every day. But unlike on the U6 platform, there is still a lot to do above and behind the tracks of the future U5. According to the architectural design by Prof. Axel Oestreich, the track area is suspended with a Rabitz ceiling, or wire plaster ceiling: A total of around 146 tons of plaster will be applied over an area of 2,080 m².

The first step was to mount the substructure to the ceiling. As it has to withstand the pressure and suction effect of arriving trains, thousands of halfen channels were mounted overhead on dynamically loadable adhesive anchors. Currently, steel wires and expanded metal are attached to the substructure, onto which the concrete is then sprayed.

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