Construction Journal

June 19, 2020

Progress in the expansion of the Museumsinsel station

Sternenhimmel Unterkonstruktion MUI Juni 2020 © A. Reetz-Graudenz

Not only on the surface is progressing visibly at the underground station Museumsinsel, but also and above all underground: the steel substructures in the track area are completely assembled. This includes the steel substructure of the walls behind the track. On the other hand, all steel arches for the starry sky above the tracks are fixed and for the most part already clad with drywall elements. These were then filled and plastered. All that is missing for the starry sky is the blue and the connection of the light conductors to the low-voltage network so that the stars also shine.

Other areas of the underground station are also making progress. In the area of the stairways, granite slabs from the Fichtelgebirge mountains are already being attached to the walls. A very noble natural stone with a light bluish shimmer in addition to the starry sky, with natural variations. The lighting is provided by two-metre long wall lamps and ceiling spotlights. The fact that these are already lit is thanks to the BVG's specialist trades. Some escalators have also already been installed. The material transport - whether granite slabs or the lower escalators - is largely organised via the tracks of the BVG network.

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