Construction Journal

May 29, 2020

Short circuit attempts successfully completed!

Kurzschlussversuch MAi 2020 © Jens Dietrich

The rectifier plant in the underground station Unter den Linden has been completed, the track construction is finished, the cable maintenance department has laid the appropriate cables. Now we have "juice" on the conductor rail, 750 volts run through the entire track system.

So now a next important section for the commissioning of the new U5 could begin: The short circuit tests along the track. In May, BVG's electrical engineers will check whether the rectifier works safely. For this purpose, short-circuits are generated at various points along the new line, such as can also be caused by a damaged train. In the event of a short circuit, a switch in the rectifier plant must drop, which immediately stops the current on the rail. This is similar to a fuse that fails when a short circuit occurs in a private household.

When the short-circuit tests are completed, the BVG colleagues from the train protection department will follow at the beginning of June by testing the train protection systems.

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