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The starry sky is shining! © A. Reetz-Graudenz
Oct. 19, 2020

The starry sky is shining!

Great progress is being made in the platform area of the Museumsinsel underground station: the starry sky is shining!


... and night falls. © A. Reetz-Graudenz
Sept. 10, 2020

... and night falls.

The starry sky in the underground station Museumsinsel gets its blue paint.


Progress in the expansion of the Museumsinsel station © A. Reetz-Graudenz
June 19, 2020

Progress in the expansion of the Museumsinsel station

In the subway station Museumsinsel the expansion is still going on: With the starry sky almost only the blue is missing.


Substructure of the starry sky: half is already done. © A. Reetz-Graudenz
March 31, 2020

Substructure of the starry sky: half is already done.

The installation of the starry sky substructure in the underground station Museumsinsel is progressing.


Steel for the starry sky: The substructure is assembled © A. Reetz-Graudenz
March 9, 2020

Steel for the starry sky: The substructure is assembled

The steel substructure for the starry sky is installed in the underground station Museumsinsel.



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