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March 22, 2017

Tunnel breakthrough at underground station Brandenburger Tor

Tunneldurchbruch Gruppenbild März 2017 © Reetz-Graudenz

Just in time for the spring break, the next milestone is the breakthrough of the new U5 tunnel to underground station brandenburger tor.

The connection to underground station brandenburger tor not only has the symbolic value of a traditional tunnel breakthrough. For the project "Lückenschluss U5" it represents the next major milestone, because the entire tunnel section of the new U5 - 22 kilometers between hönow and central station- will be put together; the gap between the U5 and the U55 is actually closed.

This completes the subproject "tunnel construction", which began in 2013 with the tunnel entrance of the tunneling machine "Bärlinde". This had drilled two tunnel tubes of 1.6 kilometers in length, concurrently concreting 2,147 segments. In just a few weeks, railway construction begins on the tunnel route.

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